Teaspresso Matcha Tea Kit

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If you like matcha as matcha as we do, then you’re in luck! This kit has everything you need to make a barista-inspired, matcha beverage INSTANTLY, and all in the comfort of your home. Drop an instant matcha cube into your milk or water m. Flavor it with a vanilla infused sugar cube. Then top with edible rose petals. Because what’s a Teaspressa drink without decor?! 

Ingredients: rose petals, cane sugar and matcha green tea & Madagascar vanilla bean caviar.


Step 1. Saturate both cubes with 2oz of hot water, muddle until the cube becomes syrup, then whisk/mix well.

Step 2. Add 6oz of hot milk. For an iced latte add 6oz of cold milk and ice.

Step 3. Garnish with rose petals. 

Enjoy a beautiful artisan drink quickly and easily, cheers!